Second Year – Semester Four

07:30 - 09:3010:00 - 12:0001:00 - 03:0003:00- 05:00
SaturdayComputer lab
SundayStatistics and Probability
T. Ibraheem Hmedan
Programming Methods II
T. Muhammed Husain
English Language III
T. Suliman Basheer
TuesdayPrinciples of Networks and the Internet
T. Ragda Ahmed
T. Hiba Sayed
tutorial(Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry)
T. Faris + t. Rofida
tutorial(Programming Methods)
T. doaa
WednesdayLinear Algebra and Analytical Geometry
T. Najla Esmat
Principles of Information Systems
T. alwaleed Yosif
tutorial(Statistic and Probabilities )
T. Muhammed Suliman

• This schedule will be effective from Sunday 21/7/2019
• Lectures in the rooms described above.
• Labs start from 7 am to 5 pm.