Bachelor Honors in Computer Sciences Program

The Bachelor in Computer Sciences Program was approved in the year 2015 replacing the Bachelor of General Sciences Program, which was granted by the faculty. The detailed curricula of the Bachelor in Computer Sciences Program description of the courses is given in appendix 1.


Program Objectives

  1. The Computer Science Program aims at graduating qualified cadres in the field of Computer Science to meet the needs of the country in the field of computer applications and to fill the digital gap in this area; besides building the community with indispensable information and sound economy.
  2. The students of this program are well qualified and equipped with the necessary tools for self-education, personal and professional growth, postgraduate studies and scientific research.

Awarded Degree

The faculty awards the bachelor degree in computer science after successful completion of the approved study program which comprises 168 credit hours to be completed in four years (8 semesters at least).

Admission Requirements

Students are admitted according to the conditions specified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and/or any other conditions required by the faculty.

 Expected Learning Outputs

The graduate of this program is expected to be able to:

  1. Analyze and design algorithms
  2. Design and develop software systems
  3. Design and manage networks
  4. Find computing solutions for various problems

 Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities for the graduates of this program are wide and available in various areas e.g. education, computer training centers, software development houses, educational programs development houses, firms, banks, computerized private sector institutions, design and management of Webpages companies, electronic commerce fields etc.