Bachelor Honors in Information Systems

The Bachelor Honors in Information Systems Program was approved in the year 2015 replacing the Bachelor of General Sciences Program, which was granted by the faculty. The detailed curricula of the Bachelor Honors in Information Technology Program and description of the courses is given in appendix 4.

Program Objectives

This program aims at qualifying students to meet the current and future needs of the employment market which is expected to witness a great expansion in using information technology.

To achieve this objective, the study program has been set to enable the students to acquire knowledge and skills in the following fields:

  1. Business and institutions management.
  2. Information systems management.
  3. Information systems development.

The program aims at graduating students who are capable of self education, personal and professional growth, team work and conducting scientific research in the field of information systems.

Awarded Degree

The program of study awards the bachelor honors degree in information technology after successful completion of the approved study program which comprises 167 credit hours to be completed in four years (8 semesters at least).

Admission Requirements Students are admitted according to the conditions specified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and/or any other conditions required by the faculty.

 Expected Learning Outputs

Graduates are expected to acquire knowledge and applied skills in the following areas:

  1. Identify the classifications and requirements of institutions in the field of information systems.
  2. Design and analyze information systems.
  3. Develop and implement information systems.
  4. Design the technology systems used for communication within the institutions.

 Job Opportunities

The job opportunities for the graduate of this program are available in various fields in the public and private sector.