Department of postgraduate

In March – 2008, the Higher Studies Dept. of the University of Science & Technology started the Master’s& Diploma Programs of the Computer Science & the IT with the goal of: Making use of the University’s potentials currently available to… Read More

Diploma of Network Technology

 Program Objectives : This program aims at graduating trained and qualified students to design, manage, build, and maintain networks in order to meet the need for the intermediate staff needed by the country in network systems.

Diploma of Information Technology

Program  Objectives : This program aims at graduating qualified and trained students to meet the need for the intermediate staff needed by the country in computer and information technology applications.

information and communication technology

Program Objectives: The main objective of this program is to teach the theoretical and practical aspects of information and communications technology for students to become graduated with knowledge and training to establish, manage, develop and improve the infrastructure of the… Read More

information system

Program Objectives: 1. This program aims to graduate qualified cadres in the information systems to meet the labor market need nowadays and in the near future, in which the expansion of the use of information systems is expected. To achieve… Read More

information technology

Program Objectives: 1. Graduation of professional and qualified cadres in information technology in both academic and professional fields, familiar with the latest technologies in information technology and their applications in the fields of knowledge and life. 2. The program also… Read More