Forth Year – Semester eight

07:30 - 09:3010:00 - 12:0001:00 - 03:0003:00- 05:00
SaturdayCloud Computing
T. Suzy Nabil
Human-Computer Interaction
T. Rayan Fwzi
SundayComputer lab
MondayNetwork Security
T. Nada Muhamed
Simulation and Modeling of Communication
Dr. Abdalhmeed Salih
WednesdayComputer lab
ThursdayArtificial intelligence
T. Diya Aldieen Mustafa
Distributed systems
T. sara ibrahim

* This schedule will be effective from Sunday 21/7/2019.
* Tutorial and lab schedules begin on Saturday 27/7/2019.
* All lectures in the hall (10)