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pepers name Scientific Journal date of publication
  A Multi-Trait Dynamic User Model for Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS) 2018
  RAM-RSA and RBM-RSA: A New Fast Hybrid RSA Variants 2016
  Usability Measurement Model (UMM): A New Model for Measuring Websites Usability 2015
  Survey of Mobile Ad hoc Networks Attacks and a New Classification Scheme 2015
  A Fast Factorization Algorithm for Composite Integers of the Form N = P X Q, Where P and Q Are Primes and N Mod 6= + 1 2015
  Towards a Taxonomy of MANETs Attacks: Attack Attributes-based Taxonomy (AABT) 2015
  Determining the Efficient Structure of Feed-Forward Neural Network to Classify Breast Cancer Dataset 2014
  Performance Evaluation of RSA-CRT Rebalanced Variants 2014
  A Compound Generic Quantitative Framework for Measuring Digital Divide 2014
  Review of Mobile Ad hoc Networks Security Attacks and Countermeasures 2013
  The Effect of Feature Selection on Detection Accuracy of Machine Learning Algorithms 2013
  A Mathematical Model for E-Inclusion 2013
  Examining Outlier Detection Performance for Principal Components Analysis Method and Its Robustification Methods 2013
  FILEPRO: File Protection on the File Servers Using LINUX Kernel Module 2013
  Block Spoofed Packets at Source (BSPS): A method for Detecting and Preventing All Types of Spoofed Source IP Packets and SYN Flooding Packets at Source: A Theoretical Framework 2012
  A Deterministic Factorization and Primality Testing Algorithm for Integers of the Form Z Mod 6= -1 2011
  A Linux Kernel Module for Locking Dawn Applications on Linux Clients 2011
  Network Anomaly Detection and Visualization using Combined PCA and Adaptive Filtering 2010