Second Year – Semester Four

07:30 - 09:3010:00 - 12:0001:00 - 03:0003:00- 05:00
SaturdaySystem Analysis and Design
T. Dolagy Ezzat
English Language IV
T. Adaw abdelgani
Logic Design
T. Abdalla Mustafa
SundayStatistics and Probabilities
T. Einas Ashiqh
Business Management
Dr. Sadya Muhammed
Principles of Object Oriented Programming Java
T. deymyana ezzat
MondayComputer lab
TuesdayData Structure Algorithm
T. Hiba Sayed
Signals and Systems
T. Daralsalam
ThursdayComputer lab

* This schedule will be effective from Sunday 21/7/2019.
* Tutorial and lab schedules begin on Saturday 27/7/2019
* All lectures in the hall (11)