Second Year – First Group

07:30 - 09:3010:00 - 12:0001:00 - 03:0003:00- 05:00
SaturdayEnglish Language III
T. Suliman Bashir
Linear Algebra and Analytical Engineering
T. Salah Ibrahim
Systems Analysis & design
T. Nazar Adlan
tutorial ( Linear Algebra and Analytical)
T. Naglaa
SundayComputer lab
(Systems Analysis)
MondayData structures and algorithms
T. Hiba Sayed
files management & Organization
T. Ebtisam Abaker
tutorial ( Statistics)tutorial ( files management & Organization)
WednesdayStatistics and Probability
T. Enas Ahmed
Oriented programming
T. deymyana ezzat
tutorial ( Data structures )tutorial (Oriented programming)
ThursdayComputer lab
(Data structures + file management + programming concepts)

This schedule will be effective from Sunday 21/7/2019.
All lectures in room (6) CS – first floor
The lab starts from 7 am to 5 pm