Second Year – First Group – Semester Four

07:30 - 09:3010:00 - 12:0001:00 - 03:0003:00- 05:00
SaturdaySystem Analysis and Design
T. Dolargy Ezzat
English Language IV
Dr. Elham Abdelgader
MondayMultimedia Technologies
T. Sid Ahmed Abd Al-Galil
Administration of Computer Networks I
T. muhammed sir alkhatim
Visual Programming
T. ragda ahmed
tutorial(English Language III)
T. Nahla Mahmuod
TuesdayComputer lab
WednesdayData Structure
T. muhammed hisain saied
Web Design and Management I
einas ali
Tutorial Data Structure
ThursdayComputer lab

• All lectures in the room (12)
• This schedule starts on Sunday 21/7/2019.
• The tutorial starts from: 307 to 5
• The labs start on 27/7/2019.